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Thursday, April 18, 2013


The first question I had when I finally finished watching this was, "Can I have my time back, please?"

The thing that really ticked me off about this documentary is that...well...nothing substantial was really learned.

Yes, it told a story, and brought back to light a few unsolved murders involving children. They had a suspect, but they couldn't actually connect the guy to any of them. All - and I do mean all - of the eye witnesses were considered unreliable. It's possible the guy was railroaded back in the day and that he actually was innocent.

The problem is, he refused to talk to everyone because his trial was looming, so there was no possible way to actually learn anything about the actual cases.

It's definitely not up to the standards of Borowski's documentaries (See my blogs on Carl Panzram and H.H. Holmes).

Yes, it is a documentary, but it's more a documentation of their attempt to get answers, but that's as far as I'd go with it. Unlike Borowski, these makers don't try to get professionals to participate to offer insight that might legitimize or debunk various claims. By professionals, I mean psychologists or psychiatrists, etc. A lot of what they're going off of is here say and can't really be taken as fact, except for what was actually known in the newspapers.

I wasted almost 1.5 hrs of my life to find out that there wasn't an ounce of resolution or insight the makers of this "documentary" could offer. I gave it 2/5 stars on Netflix. I honestly would not recommend this movie if you're actually looking for answers because it brings up way more questions than it answers, and it really doesn't attempt to answer the questions it brings up.

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