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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Featured Author - Ken Dalton! - Part 4

This week we take an even closer look into The Big Show Stopper. Below is a blurb and excerpt, as well as an interesting story from Ken about the creation of the cover!

BLURB: The Big Show Stopper—Synopsis

A sold-out audience’s anticipation turns to shock as they watch their hero, Brady Blackstone, plunge to his death during his opening entrance. After a hunk of Brady’s brain hits Flo, and she loses her dinner, she and Bear discover an item that makes them wonder if was Brady’s death was an accident, or murder?

In the latest Pinky and Bear mystery, The Big Show Stopper, Brady’s not-so-grieving widow, Lucinda Blackstone, retains Pinky Delmont to defend the man accused of her husband’s murder. But wait, if Pinky finds a viable suspect, and her lover is released from jail in less than thirty days, the widow offers Pinky a two million dollar bonus.

Nothing amps up Pinky more than money so he pulls out all the stops and sends Bear to the lush, paradise of Oakland, California, the next to last stop for the Kyle Roubidoux concert tour. In Oakland Bear discovers that two of the men he needs to interview were not with the concert tour. Rene Gagnon, the tour manager was in Quebec City, Canada and Harold Haffner, tour controller had an office somewhere in Los Angeles.

Pinky reviews the results of Bear’s investigation and decides that Quebec City has two thousand percent more charm that Los Angeles. He immediately flees across the North American continent to the Canadian city where he accomplishes little more than getting knocked down by a mime, discovering an outstanding wine, finding a flirtatious female, and firing his rebellious secretary.

To Bear’s regret, during his Oakland investigation, he talks with a blonde named Betty, a babe with a cute face and perfect boobs. It doesn’t take long for him to figure out that he never should have mentioned Betty-the-blonde to Flo. And she threatens to leave him. Eventually she settles down and southern California finds the big Basque investigator becoming flummoxed by cell phones, computers, a crazed, beer swilling Vietnam vet who lives in a drain culvert, and Flo’s decision to wear a spandex at a local gym.

Pinky finally meets up with Bear, and Flo in the small desert town of Needles, California, where most everyday of the year an egg can be fried on the sidewalk.
Will Pinky collect his two million dollar bonus and will the cavalry charge over the hill in time to save the day?

A sample of J. Pinkus Derlmont (Pinky’s ethical standards):

I grabbed my phone and called the Carson City jail.

“Hi, Pinky. What can I do for you?”

“Henry, I understand that you have a man in custody by the name of Jack Spurlock. He is being held for the murder of Brady Blackstone. I called you this morning to clear up any possible confusion concerning Mr. Spurlock’s legal representation. The man in custody for the Blackstone murder is my client. If anyone, including that young whippersnapper, Charles Erickson, starts to sniff around, you will not, under any circumstances, allow him access to my client. I’ll stop by at eleven to talk with Mr. Spurlock. Do you have any questions?”

“Nope. The Blackstone murder suspect is your client, and don’t let Erickson near him. Pinky, on another subject, I’m starting to run a little low. Do you recall the name of my favorite brand?”

“Henry, your last allusion cuts me to the quick. I would never forget the desires of someone so close to my heart. A case of Scotland’s finest will be delivered to your home within the hour.”

A sample of Barate Zabart (Bear dealing with his boss, Pinky):

I turned on the giant sixty-inch TV, and was watching a great baseball game between the Red Sox and the Yankees when the phone rang. Damn! I was afraid that sooner or later Pinky would remember where I was, and he’d put me to work.


“Yes, Boss.”

“Damn it, stop calling me Boss. I have an assignment for you. I just left Brady Blackstone’s widow. She’s-,”

“Was she dressed up like a widow with a black dress, dark veil and everything? Like you see in those old black and white movies on cable?”

“Cease asking me those inane questions and listen.”

“Okay, Boss.”

I heard Pinky sigh, like he was real tired, or something. “Bear, you are going on a trip.”

Just then the batter hit a high fly toward right field. The fielder raced back and jumped to catch the ball but it went over the fence for a home run.

“Bear, did you hear what I just told you?”

“Ah . . . ”

The ball cleared the fielder’s glove by inches and the Red Sox won the game in the bottom of the ninth with a three run dinger.

Pinky said, “What is that noise I hear in the background? Are you watching something on TV?”

I found the remote and hit the mute button. “Nope.”

A sample of of Florance Sonderlund (Flo’s taker on life):
She walked in from the bright sun. Her killer body was all shiny with little drops of sweat. Flo looked so good in her bathing suit that I almost forgot about Pinky’s phone call.

Flo said, “Hey, why do I have to come in? I was enjoying myself out there.”

“I know, but we just got an investigative assignment from Pinky and we’ve got to get going.”

Her face perked up. “Really, where do we get to go this time? Hawaii? New York City? France?”

“Not even close. Oakland.”

“Oakland, California? Isn’t that the half-baked town that sits across the bay from San Francisco?”


“Last year Pinky went to Rome while we ended up in Eureka, Nevada. A truly godforsaken place if there ever was one. Where’s His Majesty going this time?”

“He didn’t say.”

“I’ll guarantee you that he’ll end up someplace a hell of lot nicer than Oakland.”

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